The Package

Season 6, episode 10 of Lost

The Package
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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Official sites: ABC, Channel 4 [UK]

Sun and Jin's search for each other is interrupted when Widmore's crew kidnaps Jin, and Locke heads to the other island to bring him back. In Los Angeles, Jin's job for Sun's father is sidetracked when his money is taken at customs.

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Lost­.S06E10­.HDTV­.XviD-NoTV (Edited).srt   EN2010-05-25srt5126 Download HI  EN2010-10-31srt1864 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.English­.C­   EN2011-12-15srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.BDRip­.AC3-FReeLOVE­.English­.HI­ HI  EN2014-02-07srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.720p DiMENSiON­.English­   EN2013-10-28srt0 Download
Lost 6x09 Ab Aeterno - 720p HDTV x264 - DIMENSION­   EN2010-03-27srt3981
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   EN2010-03-31srt3374   EN2010-10-31srt3343
Lost.s06e10.The   EN2014-07-07srt2942
Lost - S06E10 - The   EN2014-03-12srt975
Lost - [6x10] - The   EN2015-02-20srt674
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.BluRay­   EN2015-03-22srt662   EN2012-02-26srt571
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.DD51­.720p­.WEB-DL­.AVC-FUSiON­   EN2015-07-11srt317
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.5­.1Ch­.BluRay­   EN2017-05-15srt49
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­.XviD­   SQ2010-03-31srt244 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.720p­.Bluray-MACRO­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2016-06-11srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.Romanian­   RO2010-08-27srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.DVD-Rip TOPAZ­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2013-06-28srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.720p­.BluRay­.x264­.Italian­   IT2012-12-03srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.German­   DE2011-06-03srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.Spanish­.C­   ES2014-08-15srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.French­   FR2012-10-23srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.Swedish­   SV2010-11-29srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.720p DIMENSION­.German­   DE2015-05-23srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.NoTV­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2014-04-30srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.DIMENSION­.Spanish (Spain)­.C­   ES2013-02-08srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.720p­.Bluray­.French­.C­   FR2017-04-25srt0 Download
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.TOPAZ­.Swedish­   SV2012-05-14srt0 Download
Lost.S06E10.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.xbus.txt   PL2010-03-31sub7528   PB2010-03-31srt6486
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   NL2010-04-09srt3711   ES2010-03-31srt3473
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­   PT2010-04-01srt3008
Lost S06E10 The   HR2011-02-08srt2749   HU2010-03-31srt2376   EL2010-03-31srt2044
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   PB2010-03-31srt1987   AR2010-08-04srt1702
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.DVDRip­   NL2011-02-08srt1618
lost­.s06e10­.720p­.bluray­   NL2010-08-30srt1572   FR2010-04-07srt1546
Lost - 06x10 - The   RO2010-09-28srt1543
Lost 06x10 The   HR2010-12-28srt1373
Lost­.S06E10­.HDTV­.XviD-NoTV[www­.lost-romania­.com].srt   RO2010-03-31srt1329   TR2010-04-14srt1285
Lost S06E10 - The   ES2015-02-09srt1225   CS2010-03-31srt1152
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­   SV2010-04-11srt1143
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.720p­.HDTV­   PT2010-04-01srt1109   NL2010-07-05srt1051
Lost S06E10­.The Package­.HDTV­   ES2010-06-07srt1039   AR2013-07-08srt1016   RO2010-07-01srt1005
Lost.S06E10 'The Package'.srt   AR2013-10-07srt998
Lost.S06E10.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.sub   FI2010-03-31sub925
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.480p­.HDTV­   PT2010-04-01srt899
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.DVDRip­   PT2011-02-14srt794
Lost S06E10 - The   DA2010-09-01srt709
Lost 6x09 - The   EL2010-09-02srt708   NL2011-01-20srt704
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   EL2010-08-17srt700
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   RO2010-03-31srt681
Lost­.6x10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­   IT2010-03-31srt633
Lost - [6x10] - The   AR2010-09-27srt632
lost­.s06e10­.720p­.bluray­   BG2010-10-19srt585   HE2010-08-01srt579   ES2011-03-10srt574
Lost­.S06E09­.720p­.HDTV­   AR2013-06-12srt568
lost­.s06e10­.720p­.bluray­.x264-macro­.heb­.[qsubs].srt   HE2011-02-11srt563
Lost.S06E10.DVDRip.XviD-TOPAZ.txt   PL2011-10-28sub526
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   HE2010-04-30srt515
Lost - 6x10 - The Package­.HDTV­.NoTV­   PB2010-08-31srt511
Lost­.6x10­.The­.Package­.720p­.Blu-ray­   PB2011-02-09srt495
Lost­.6x10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­   IT2010-03-31srt485
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   ES2010-05-12srt481
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.BluRay­.x264-MACRO­   TR2011-03-06srt460
Lost.S06E10 'The Package'   PT2013-02-28srt455
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.HDTV­.XviD-NoTV   SR2010-07-23srt449   FI2010-05-26srt440   PB2010-09-25srt428
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­.h­   PB2010-05-26srt407   TR2010-12-27srt392   FR2011-05-12srt384   HE2010-12-18srt374
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   FR2010-07-10srt353
Lost S06EP10 -   PB2013-06-14srt349
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­.X264-DIMENSION.sub   FI2010-03-31sub337
Lost - 6x10 - The Package­.HDTV­.NoTV­   DE2010-09-12srt331
Lost   CS2010-10-30srt316
Lost.s06e10.The   ES2015-06-17srt312   HE2010-09-04srt293   HU2010-08-13srt289
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   SV2010-05-17srt279   ES2010-08-08srt261   FA2015-09-03srt257   ET2010-09-05srt255
Lost 6x10 720p Bluray nHD x264   EL2014-11-26srt245
Lost Season 6 Episode 10 - The   SL2013-06-12srt240
Episode 10 - The   PB2013-04-09srt238
Lost S06E10 - The   FI2014-09-12srt235
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.HDTV­   RO2010-09-25srt235   BG2010-08-04srt222   FR2010-08-08srt215
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­.X264-DIMENSION   SR2010-08-14srt205
Lost­.S06E09­.REPACK­.HDTV­.XviD-NoTV (Ab Aeterno).srt   DA2011-02-27srt187
Lost.S06E10.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.txt   PL2010-04-01sub186
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   BG2010-10-24srt185
Lost­.S06E09­.720p­.HDTV­   PT2013-12-08srt185
Lost S06E10 - Happily Ever   SR2010-08-08srt176   BS2016-01-30srt174
Lost - S6E10 - The   DA2010-05-24srt170
lost­.s06e10­.720p­.bluray­.x264-macro­   ZH2014-12-16srt161   RU2010-10-23srt153
Lost -   DA2010-04-11srt153   HU2010-08-08srt152   PL2010-04-07srt150   SR2010-08-21srt146
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   HU2010-10-18srt143
Lost.S06E10.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.txt   PL2010-04-01sub141
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.5­.1Ch­.BluRay­.ReEnc-DeeJayAhmed.txt   PL2015-12-28mpl141
Lost - 6x10 - The Package   DA2010-11-19srt126
Lost-S06E10(0000159521).srt   CS2013-03-01srt125
Lost S06E10 HDTV   SR2010-08-24srt119   IT2015-02-04srt113
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­.h­   RO2017-04-09srt105
6x10 - The   IT2011-02-05srt103   ZH2014-12-16srt103
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   ET2010-10-20srt98   BG2011-03-01srt95
Lost.s06e10.The   PL2015-06-30srt93
Lost - [6x10] - The Package-srp(1).srt   BS2015-10-01srt91   CS2010-05-06srt82
Lost Season 6 Episode 10 - The Package.txt   PL2011-04-01sub72
Lost.S06E10.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.txt   PL2011-01-11sub70   IT2013-12-04srt67   HU2014-06-27srt66
Lost S06E09 - The Package.txt   PL2011-12-28sub58
Lost - S06E10 - The   PL2015-09-13srt57
Lost.s06e10.The   CS2015-07-26srt56
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­.X264-DIMENSION.txt   PL2011-02-07mpl55
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   CS2010-04-28srt52
Lost [6x10] The Package.txt   PL2012-04-13sub51   SQ2012-03-05srt48
lost­.s06e10­.720p­.bluray­.x264-macro.txt   PL2014-08-26sub47
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­.X264-DIMENSION   SR2013-12-07srt43
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­.X264-DIMENSION­   SR2013-12-07srt39
lost.0610.hdtv.xvid-notv   SR2013-12-07srt38   SR2013-12-07srt34
Lost - 06x10 - The Package­.HDTV­   SR2013-12-07srt29
Lost­.S06E10­.The­.Package­.DD51­.720p­.WEB-DL­   TR2013-07-02srt28
Lost­.S06E10­.720p­.HDTV­   SR2013-12-07srt26
Lost­.S06E10­.2010­.BDRip­.x264­.960x(semen­_52-TNC).srt   RU2015-07-05srt24
Lost S06E10 25 fps   BG2015-08-04srt23

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The Package

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In the island, Locke leaves the camp and Charles Widmore's team attacks his group and kidnaps Jin. Meanwhile Sun is planting in her old garden and out of the blue, Locke appears and tells that Jin is on the other side of the island. But Sun does not believe on him and flees from Locke; however she hits her head on a tree and when she awakes, she can only speak Korean. Richard returns with Hurley to the group and he wants to destroy the plane. Locke returns to his camp and sees his group fainted. He awakes Sayid and leans that they had been attacked. Locke goes with Sayid by boat to the other island to bring Jin back since he wants to leave the island. Locke meets Charles Widmore and he says that he does not have Jin with him. Soon Charles asks Zoe to bring a package from the submarine. In the parallel reality, Jin has his US$ 25,000.00 apprehended by customs in Los Angeles. Sun and Jin go to a hotel where they have reservation and Jin explains that he should have delivered the money ...

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