The Candidate

Season 6, episode 14 of Lost

The Candidate
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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Official sites: ABC, Channel 4 [UK]

With Jack's help, Locke rescues the candidates from Widmore's compound, but their plans for leaving the island are forced to change. In Los Angeles, Jack tries to convince Locke to try an experimental surgery for his paralysis.

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Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.BDRip­.AC3-FReeLOVE­.English­.HI­ HI  EN2013-08-11srt0 Download
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Lost­.S06E14­.The­.HDTV­.XviD-FQM (Edited).srt   EN2010-05-25srt7285   EN2010-10-31srt4105
Lost S06E14 - The Candidate   EN2015-09-26srt1879 HI  EN2010-10-31srt1717
Lost Season 6 Episode 14 - The   EN2013-03-22srt1617
Lost­.S06E14­.HDTV­.720p­   EN2013-11-18srt1301
Episode 14 - The   EN2015-01-26srt976
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'   EN2014-11-03srt955
Lost - S06E14 - The   EN2014-03-14srt755   EN2012-03-12srt594
Lost - [6x14] - The   EN2015-02-20srt515
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.DD51­.AAC20­.720p­.WEB-DL­.AVC-FUSiON­   EN2015-07-11srt268
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.Hebrew­   HE2016-07-09srt0 Download
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Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.720p­.BluRay­.x264­.Italian­   IT2014-04-08srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.IMMERSE­.Hebrew­   HE2016-08-04srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.Romanian­   RO2013-09-19srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.720p­.Bluray-MACRO­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2014-10-13srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.IMMERSE­.Spanish (Spain)­.C­   ES2016-04-23srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.German­   DE2016-07-19srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.Albanian­.C­   SQ2015-08-22srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.DVD-Rip TOPAZ­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­   PB2012-11-01srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.HDTV­.Italian­   IT2016-04-16srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.Spanish (Latin America)­   ES2016-08-01srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.fqm­.Croatian­.C­   HR2011-11-05srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.720p IMMERSE­.German­   DE2014-03-25srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.French­   FR2012-01-18srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.FQM­.Swedish­   SV2013-03-15srt0 Download
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.720p­.Italian­   IT2015-08-30srt0 Download   PB2010-05-05srt5418
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­.XviD-FQM.txt   PL2010-05-05sub5328   HU2010-05-05srt3569   NL2010-05-17srt2945
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   NL2010-06-01srt2318   ES2010-05-05srt2272
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.DVDRip­   NL2011-02-08srt2210   PL2010-05-05srt2125
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   FR2010-05-05srt2050
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse­   HR2010-08-11srt1891
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   PT2010-05-09srt1806
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.bluray­   NL2010-08-30srt1733
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   PB2010-05-05srt1687
Lost 06x14 The   HR2010-12-29srt1605   PT2010-05-07srt1301   RO2010-07-05srt1236
Lost S06E14 - The   ES2015-03-22srt1176
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'.srt   AR2013-10-11srt1136
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse   HR2011-01-20srt1076
Lost - 06x14 - The   RO2010-09-16srt1053
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   TR2010-05-13srt1034
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   SV2010-10-29srt984
Lost S06E14 - Across the   AR2010-07-22srt928
Lost­.6x14­.HDTV­.Xvid­.Mp3­.[www­.SuBTorrents­.com].srt   ES2010-05-15srt922
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­.XviD-FQM.sub   FI2010-05-05sub916   EL2010-05-06srt881
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   DE2010-05-06srt861   PT2010-09-25srt835
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   PT2010-05-15srt784   ES2011-03-12srt704
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'.srt   PB2013-08-02srt671
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   RO2010-09-03srt669   EL2010-05-05srt651   AR2010-08-09srt642
Lost Season 6 Episode 14 - The   AR2013-11-06srt630
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'.srt   ES2013-07-10srt630   HE2010-08-03srt604
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   CS2010-05-07srt590
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   HE2010-05-06srt589
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   EL2010-08-18srt581
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­.h­   PB2010-05-26srt570
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.480p­.HDTV­   PT2010-05-09srt567
Lost - 6x14 - The Candidate­.HDTV­.FQM­   ES2010-08-02srt557   RO2010-08-11srt552
Lost 6x13 - The   EL2010-09-02srt531
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.720p­.HDTV­   PT2010-05-09srt529
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.hdtv­.xvid-fqm­   SR2010-08-01srt513
Lost.S06E14.DVDRip.XviD-TOPAZ.txt   PL2011-10-29sub509   BG2010-08-04srt492
Lost - [06x14] - The   SL2010-07-02srt491
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.bluray­   BG2010-10-20srt491
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse­   ES2010-05-08srt490
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   TR2010-06-12srt490
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.bluray­.x264-macro­.heb­.[qsubs].srt   HE2011-02-17srt477
Lost­.6x14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   IT2010-05-05srt468   FI2010-05-26srt442
Lost S06E14 - The   DA2010-09-01srt441
Lost - [6x14] - The   AR2010-09-29srt437
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'.srt   PT2013-03-30srt408
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.DD51­.AAC20­.720p­.WEBDL­   NL2010-08-04srt395   FR2011-05-19srt393   HE2011-01-09srt382
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­   AR2010-09-28srt382
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'   TR2013-07-28srt369
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   SL2010-08-27srt325
Lost 6-14 (The Candidate).srt   TR2010-08-12srt321
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   SV2010-05-17srt309
Lost   PB2011-12-04srt304
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   PT2010-05-08srt293
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse­   HR2013-12-07srt289   TR2011-03-10srt286   HU2010-08-30srt280   ET2010-05-10srt273   HU2010-08-05srt273
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­.XviD-FQM­   CS2010-05-05srt268   FR2010-08-08srt252   HE2010-09-06srt245
14 - The Candidate [IMMERSE].srt   CS2010-11-30srt233
Lost S06E14 - The   FI2014-09-12srt231
Lost­.6x14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   IT2010-05-05srt229   FR2010-07-09srt229   ES2010-08-08srt221
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   SQ2010-05-05srt219
Lost 6x14 720p Bluray nHD x264   EL2015-06-11srt201
Lost Season 6 Episode 14 - The   EL2013-02-15srt191
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.bluray­.x264-macro­   ZH2014-12-16srt182
Lost - S6E14 - The   DA2010-05-24srt178   EL2010-08-11srt178
Lost S06E14 - Across the   SR2010-08-08srt174
Lost - 06x14 - The   BS2015-03-01srt172   KA2013-04-25srt164   FA2015-09-04srt164
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   BG2010-09-22srt156
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   HU2010-09-04srt156
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   RU2010-10-31srt153
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.sub­.ita­   IT2010-05-05srt150   SV2013-03-03srt147
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.5­.1Ch­.BluRay­.ReEnc-DeeJayAhmed.txt   PL2015-11-05sub143
lost.s06e14.hdtv.xvid-fqm   BS2015-03-17srt137
Lost.s06e14.The Candidate.txt   PL2015-08-25mpl136   ZH2014-12-16srt132   TR2012-01-19srt123
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.bluray­.x264­   HE2010-11-28srt120   CS2010-05-06srt112
Lost-S06E14(0000159525).srt   CS2013-03-04srt112   CS2012-05-22srt106
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­.x264-en­   DE2010-05-12srt106
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   ET2010-10-20srt103   IT2015-02-07srt102
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.BluRay­.x264-MACRO­   TR2015-12-04srt99
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­.h­.264-DNR­   HR2013-12-07srt99   RO2011-01-17srt84
6x14 - The   IT2011-02-06srt84
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.DVDRip­.XviD-TOPAZ.txt   PL2011-01-06sub83
Lost­.S06E14­.720p­.HDTV­   CS2010-05-05srt80
Lost - 06x14 - The Candidate­.hdtv­.xvid-fqm­   SR2013-12-07srt79
lost.s06e14.hdtv.xvid-fqm   HR2013-12-07srt70
Lost - 6x14 - The Candidate­.HDTV­.FQM­   DE2013-07-04srt69
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.DD51­.AAC20­.720p­.WEB-DL­   HE2010-06-18srt68
Lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­   SR2013-12-07srt67   IT2012-08-28srt65
Lost - S06xE14 - The   SR2013-12-07srt55
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse­_RzuF­_for­_ufs­_pl­_stary.txt   PL2011-02-27sub55   HU2014-06-28srt51
Lost­.S06E14­.The­.Candidate­.HDTV­   SQ2012-03-05srt49
Lost.s06e14.The   CS2015-07-29srt47
Lost S06E14 - Across the Sea.txt   PL2011-03-06sub46
lost­.s06e14­.720p­.hdtv­.x264-immerse   HR2013-12-07srt45
Lost S06E13 - The Candidate.txt   PL2011-12-28sub44
lost-s06e14-720p   BG2011-03-01srt40
Lost.S06E14 'The Candidate'.srt   PL2015-07-15srt39
Lost [6x14] The Candidate.txt   PL2012-02-21sub39
Lost S06E14 - The Candidate.txt   PL2016-02-21sub23
Lost - [6x14] - The Candidate.txt   PL2015-08-17mpl11   UK2017-03-25srt7

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The Candidate

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Sawyer and his group are arrested by Widmore's group. Meanwhile Jack awakes in the Hydra Island and Sayid tells to Jack that Locke saved him. Now there are only the three against Widmore and Locke asks Jack to help him to rescue Sawyer's group from the cages. Sayid turns off the generator and the smoke monster attacks Widmore's camp; Jack opens the cages to release the group. Locke kills the guards that are protecting the plane and removes the explosives but he tells that the plane is not safe. Locke tells that they will need to use the submarine to leave the island. Jack pushes Locke into the water, but they are attacked by Widmore's group. Locke and Claire are left behind and he tells to her that she would not like to be in the submarine. Jack finds explosive in his backpack but Jack tells that nothing will happen to them. Sayid runs with the bomb to save the group; however Sun is trapped in the debris and Jin stays with her and only Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley survive. In the ...

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