Season 6, episode 8 of Lost

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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Official sites: ABC, Channel 4 [UK]

Locke sends Sawyer on a recon mission to the other island, where he runs into Charles Widmore and his submarine crew. In Los Angeles, Sawyer works as a police officer obsessed with finding the conman who destroyed his family.

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In the island, Locke asks Sawyer to row to the smaller island to investigate the situation. Sawyer finds all the passengers of the Ajira Flight 316 dead and only one survivor, Zoe. The smart Sawyer discovers that Zoe is lying, but he is captured by an armed group and brought to the submarine of Charles Widmore that proposes him to betray Locke. In the parallel reality, Sawyer is a LAPD detective working with Miles. He is obsessed to find the man that destroyed his family. He has one night stand with Charlotte, but his obsession affects his relationship with Miles and Charlotte. Out of the blue, Sawyer arrests a fugitive.

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