Ab Aeterno

Season 6, episode 9 of Lost

Ab Aeterno
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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Official sites: ABC, Channel 4 [UK]

The mysteries behind Richard Alpert's arrival to the island, his immortality, and his alliance with Jacob are revealed--plus more details about the purpose of the island and the relationship between Jacob and the smoke monster.

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Ilana recalls when Jacob asked her to protect the six candidates to replace him. Ilana asks Richard what to do next and he leaves the group telling that he has no idea. In flashback, in 1867, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Richard, a.k.a. Ricardo travels in a stormy night to bring a doctor to help his beloved wife Isabella that is dying. However, the doctor does not accept the little money that he has and does not give the medicine for Isabella. They struggle and Ricardo accidentally kills the doctor. When he returns home, Isabella is dead and Ricardo is sent to prison to be hanged. However he is sold as slave and travels to the New World chained aboard of the Black Rock. There is a tsunami and the ship knocks in the statue in the island and stops in the woods. The smoke monster kills the survivors and the Man in Black releases Ricardo. Soon he learns that there is a fight between the Man in Black, who believes that mankind is evil, and Jacob, who believes that mankind is good. Jacon ...

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