LA X - Part 2

Season 6, episode 2 of Lost

LA X - Part 2
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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Released: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Official sites: ABC, Channel 4 [UK]

The man impersonating John Locke reveals his true intentions.

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LA X - Part 2

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Sawyer buries Juliet with Miles while Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin bring Sayid to the underground of the temple; out of the blue, they are attacked by mysterious natives. Hurley shows the guitar case that Jacob gave to him and save the group. Sawyer asks Miles to tell him what Juliet wanted to tell him. Sayid is drowned by the natives and dies. Sawyer and Miles are captured by the natives and Hurley is interrogated and tells that Jacob is dead, panicking the natives. John attacks Richard in front of his group. Meanwhile, in a parallel reality, Kate succeeds to escape from the Marshal Edward Mars in the airport. Jack is informed by the Oceanic representative that the coffin is missing and he talks with John Locke about the incident and offers a consult to John. Sun and Jin are apprehended by the American customs officers. Ben realizes that he was used by the monster embodied in John Locke to kill Jacob.

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