Liberation - October 16, 1968

Season 5, episode 13 of Quantum Leap

Liberation - October 16, 1968
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Genres: Drama, Adventure, Action

Released: Tuesday, January 12, 1993

Leaping into the middle of the woman's liberation movement Sam must prevent the death of a young lady at a sit-in and convince her father to live with a liberated daughter.

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Liberation - October 16, 1968

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Sam leaps into Margaret Sanders, a mother and homemaker who is arrested with her daughter Suzie at a women's lib rally in 1968. Al tells him he's there to help out Diana St. Cloud who is leading the local women's movement. Margaret's activism is having an effect on her marriage as her husband George struggles to understand what is going on. As far as Diana goes, Al tells him that he next rally will get out of hand and she will be shot unless Sam can get her to cancel the event. His solution leads to other complications however. When the protesters invade the local businessmen's club, it's daughter Suzie that is put in danger.

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