Episode #4.6

Season 4, episode 6 of Bron/Broen

Episode #4.6
Internet Movie Database

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Released: Sunday, February 4, 2018

Official sites: Sveriges Television (SVT) [Sweden], Official Facebook

Henrik believes he found the connection between all victims and an unexpected finding ends up on the investigation board. At the same time, the crack between him and Saga is greater than ever.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Bron S04E06 720p x264-StB.srt   EN2018-02-04srt3385 Download
Bron Broen - 04x06 - Avsnitt 6 | Afsnit 6­.DON­.English­.C­.orig.srt   EN2018-02-10srt1 Download
The­.Bridge­.2011­.S04E06­.720p­.NRK­.WEB-DL­.AAC2­.0­.x264-BTW.srt   NL2018-02-06srt1512 Download
Bron S04E06 1080p HDTV H­.264 DD5­.1-Hja.srt   NL2018-02-07srt609 Download
Bron Broen - 04x06 - Avsnitt 6 ­_ Afsnit 6­.720px264-StB­.Bulgarian­.orig­.Addic7ed­.com.srt   BG2018-02-05srt155 Download
Bron - S04E06.srt   DE2018-02-23srt14 Download
Bron Broen - 04x06 - Avsnitt 6 | Afsnit 6­.WEB-DL­.Norwegian­.orig.srt   NO2018-02-04srt0 Download
Broen­.S04E06­.Retail­.DK­.SEsubs­.720p­.WEB-DL­.H­.264­.AAC2­.0-TWA­.cz.srt   CS2018-02-05srt556
The Bridge (Bron Broen) S04E06 720p x264 StB.srt   NL2018-02-10srt520
Bron S04E06 720p x264-StB.srt   HU2018-02-07srt461
Broen S04 E06 - x264 -hr.srt   HR2018-02-05srt360
The­.Bridge­.2011­.S04E06­.720p­.NRK­.WEB-DL­.AAC2­.0­.x264-BTW.srt   PL2018-02-05srt237
Bron_Broen S04 E06 - x264 .srt   ES2018-02-05srt235
Bron S04E06 720p x264-StB.pt-br.srt   PB2018-02-13srt230
Bron - S04E06.srt   SV2018-02-04srt224
Bron S04E06 720p x264-StB.srt   SV2018-02-04srt94
The­.Bridge­.S04E06­.720p­.NRK­.WEB-DL­.AAC2­.0­.x264-BTW.srt   TR2018-02-05srt85
Bron-Broen s04e06 - 720p x264 ­.BRSHNKV.srt   SR2018-02-06srt79
Bron - S04E06.srt   NO2018-02-04srt56
Broen.S04E06.HDTVRip.srt   RU2018-02-06srt45
Broen.S04E06.720p.Amedia.srt   RU2018-02-13srt34
Bron.Broen.S04E06 - x264.srt   RO2018-02-24srt26
Bron S04E06.srt   HR2018-02-23srt8
Bron S04E06 720p x264-StB.srt   AR2018-02-25srt4

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Episode #4.6

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