Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

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Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
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Genres: Family, Adventure, Action

Countries: USA, Japan

Released: Friday, March 28, 1997

The legendary Power Rangers must stop the evil space pirate Divatox from releasing the powerful Maligore from his volcanic imprisonment on the island of Muranthias, where only the kindly wizard Lerigot has the key to release him. The hope of victory lies in the Ranger's incredible new Turbo powers ... more

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
turbo a power rangers movie.srt HI  EN2008-01-14srt5620
turbo­.power­.rangers­.1997­.dvdrip­.xvid-osiris-eng.srt   EN2014-12-19srt3584
Turbo.A Power Rangers Movie.1997.srt   PT2008-04-12srt2558
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie - DVDrip.sub   HE2008-02-08sub1709
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie­.{DVDRip}{1997}{English}{Satellite­.UK} (1).srt   AR2008-03-13srt998
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie­.{DVDRip}{1997}{English}{Satellite­.UK}.srt   ES2013-11-24srt945
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie-gre.srt   EL2013-08-03srt873
Power Rangers Turbo-rum.txt   RO2014-10-10srt821
Power Rangers Turbo.srt   EL2013-05-16srt505
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie-srp.srt   BS2013-04-25srt361
TURBO A POWER RANGERS MOVIE­.Title1-hrv.srt   BS2013-04-27srt170
turbo­.power­.rangers­.1997­.dvdrip­.xvid-osiris.srt   SR2015-01-05srt141
www-titrari-ro-74541-Turbo­_­_A­_Power­_Rangers­_Movie­_(1997)-23­_97­_FPS.srt   RO2016-01-04srt110
turbo­.power­.rangers­.1997­.dvdrip­.xvid-osiris-hrv.srt   BS2014-07-31srt77
Turbo - A Power Rangers Movie­.{DVDRip} 1997-srp.srt   SR2015-09-23srt76
Turbo­.A­.Power­.Rangers­.Movie­.1997­.WS­.iNTERNAL­.DVDRip­.XviD-OSiRiS.srt   SR2017-04-10srt21

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