Treasure Guards

Treasure Guards
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Genres: Adventure

Countries: Germany

Released: Friday, September 30, 2011

Official sites: MovieScore Media [Sweden]

An ancient scroll is unearthed. A holy secret is revealed. The race to secure the Seal Of Solomon has begun.

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TREASURE GUARDS 2011 DVDRI­.   FI2012-11-05srt174
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Treasure   TR2013-11-22srt10

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Treasure Guards

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During an excavation in the remote Jordanian desert archaeologist Victoria Carter discovers an ancient parchment, buried in the ruins of an ancient temple. It indicates the location of the long lost 'Seal of Solomon', which according to legend, by God himself to King Solomon was given. But this treasure is also sought by including her estranged father, the famous archaeologist Teddy Carter.

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