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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, October 7, 2005

Official sites: Sony Pictures Classics [United States]

Justin throws himself and everyone around him into chaos when he attempts to break free from his addiction to his thumb.

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Thumbsucker[2005]DvDrip­.AC3[Eng]   PB2009-06-07srt558   FI2007-01-14srt482
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Thumbsucker[2005]DvDrip­.AC3[Eng]   EL2011-01-09srt351   EL2008-10-28srt348   PL2007-01-14srt329   PB2009-05-22srt313   NL2007-01-14srt296   SR2005-03-01srt256
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Thumbsucker   PT2007-03-06srt133
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Thumbsucker[2005]DvDrip­.AC3[Eng]   ET2010-12-04srt40
Thumbsucker.sub   TR2010-09-26sub36
Thumbsucker­.Bleib­.wie­.du­.bist­.2005­.GERMAN­   DE2014-01-01srt25
Thumbsucker 2.sub   TR2011-02-15sub25   BS2013-12-08srt15
Thumbsucker­.LiMiTED­.DVDRip­.XviD-DiAMOND.sub   TR2013-11-25sub8   BS2013-12-08srt6

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Justin is a teenager boy, who has an oral obsession with his thumb. His mother seems to be a normal housekeeper, but she has her own obsessions as well, like a crush on a TV-star. The only person who's aware of Justin's problem is his father, manager in a store, but none of his advices seem to be working for Justin. The kid is signed up in a debate workshop, but the thing isn't going well, because he has his mind in a pretty classmate and, of course, in his thumb, affecting all the rest of his classes. So, Justin is a loner kid in the school, who prefers to lock himself in the bathroom and suck his thumb. Justin's dentist, a mystical-hippie person, will try to help to overcome his thumb problem, through the hypnosis. But the school's psychologist will diagnose Justin with the Attention Deficit Disorder, and will prescribe him some drugs. Suddenly, Justin's problem with his thumb will disappear, becoming an hyperactive genius, winning several debate contests and the admiration from his...

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