Racing Stripes

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Racing Stripes
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Genres: Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, January 14, 2005

Official sites: Central Partnership [Russia], Official site [UK]

An abandoned zebra grows up believing he is a racehorse, and, with the help of his barnyard friends and a teenage girl, sets out to achieve his dream of racing with thoroughbreds.

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Racing Stripes[2005]DvDrip[Eng]   EN2009-03-08srt3355   EN2005-05-05srt814
mof-Racing   EN2005-03-01srt632
Racing Stripes - English (29,970FPS).srt   EN2005-04-18srt340   EN2005-04-12srt241   EN2005-04-16srt207   EN2005-04-11srt203
Racing Stripes 2005 720p WEB-DL DD5­.1 H­.264-alfaHD­.EN 23­   EN2015-06-23srt193
Racing­.Stripes­.2005­.PLDUB­.DVDRip­.XviD-enDi.txt   EN2013-04-02tmp111
b-racingfs.eng.txt   EN2008-02-07tmp92   EN2017-01-22srt20
Racing­.Stripes­.2005­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­ HI  EN2017-06-04srt13
Racing­.Stripes­.2005­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­   EN2017-06-04srt4
Racing Stripes (2005).srt   SL2005-03-01srt2905   NL2005-03-01srt2590
Podnapis SLO, Racing Stripes (2005).sub   SL2005-04-05sub1873
Racing Stripes.sub   RO2007-03-06sub940   ES2005-04-12srt887   NL2005-03-01srt784
RacingStripes2005-Chinese[Xsubt­.com][5049206211].srt   ZH2005-07-09srt684
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDSCR­.XviD-MoF­   CS2005-03-01srt602
Racing­.Stripes­.FS­.DVDRiP­   SL2005-03-01srt587   CS2005-06-17srt558
Racing Stripes (2005).srt   HR2005-03-01srt546   SK2005-06-10srt515   SK2005-06-10srt502
Racing   CS2005-03-01srt493   SV2005-03-01srt490
1.sub   CS2005-06-16sub481
Racing Stripes[2005]DvDrip[Eng]   PB2005-09-24srt423
1.sub   CS2005-06-17sub415
Racing Stripes.sub   RO2005-03-01sub384
Racing   NL2005-03-01srt371   PT2010-01-04srt370   NL2005-03-01srt326   NL2005-03-01srt326   NL2005-03-01srt326
racing­.stripes­.fs­.dvdrip­.xvid-brutus­   HE2008-02-07srt319
1.sub   CS2005-07-20sub274
Zig Zag - L'etalon Z   FR2005-03-01srt274
Racing­.Stripes­.FS­.DVDRiP­   PB2005-12-21srt273
Racing   HR2005-04-22srt236
Racing   EL2006-01-11srt210
Racing Stripes (EvilSoul­_DVD4Arab).srt   AR2005-12-23srt207
Racing   NL2007-07-17srt196   SK2005-07-25srt194   DA2005-07-09srt185   EL2005-03-01srt176
Racing Stripes(2005)   ES2005-05-29srt170
Racing Stripes - Fin - 23,976fps - 2005 - (DMD).sub   FI2009-01-22sub159   PB2005-07-29srt155   HU2009-04-12srt152
1.sub   CS2005-09-26sub152   NL2011-01-08srt146
Racing Stripes - Fin - 23,976fps - 2005 - (BRUTUS).sub   FI2009-01-22sub143   PB2005-03-20srt140
Racing Stripes - Spanish (29,970FPS).srt   ES2005-04-18srt124
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDRip­   BG2005-06-16sub123
racing­.stripes­.ws­.dvdscr­.xvid-mof­   HE2008-02-07srt120
Corrida­.(A)rriscada­.PT­.ENG­.DVDRip­.XviD­   PT2013-07-20srt116
Racing   RO2005-06-26srt116
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDRip­.XviD-DiAMOND.sub   BG2005-11-15sub110   RU2005-07-05srt109   EL2006-03-18srt108   EL2006-03-18srt108
racing­.stripes­.ws­.dvdscr­.xvid­.mof (poprawione programem).txt   PL2008-02-06sub93
Racing Stripes - French (29,970FPS).srt   FR2005-04-18srt91   FR2005-04-12srt87
Racing   SR2010-10-23srt80
Racing Stripes (Võidusõidusebra EstDub).sub   ET2011-05-29sub79
striscia una zebra alla riscossa ­   IT2009-04-02srt76
Racing.Stripes.CAM-MaTinE.cd1.sub   PB2005-03-08sub74
Racing.Stripes.CAM-MaTinE.cd2.sub   PB2005-03-08sub74
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDSCR­   ET2010-10-17srt72
Racing Stripes (2005) DVDrip   EL2014-08-09srt71
b-racingfs.txt   PL2005-03-01sub70
Racing Stripes.sub   CS2005-07-19sub67
Racing Stripes vers   RO2011-07-15srt65
Racing   DA2005-05-01srt64   ES2005-03-13srt62   ES2005-03-13srt62
Racing­.Stripes­.2005­.DVDRip­   DA2005-05-01srt58
Racing Stripes 2005 720p WEB-DL DD5­.1 H­   PT2015-05-24srt55   BG2005-06-04srt52   BG2005-06-04srt52
Racing stripes ws dvdscr xvid mof­   DA2005-04-25srt50
Racing­.Stripes­.2005­.FS­.DVDRiP­   DA2005-04-26srt50
Racing stripes ws dvdscr xvid mof­   DA2005-03-01srt48
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDRip­.XviD­.AC3­   SL2005-06-13srt43
Racing­.Stripes­.WS­.DVDRip­.XviD­.AC3­   SL2005-06-13srt43
Racing-Stripes-2.txt   PL2005-03-01sub41
Racing   SR2010-10-20srt41
Racing-Stripes-1.txt   PL2005-03-01sub41
Racing Stripes[2005]DvDrip[Eng]   PB2014-06-30srt37
racing stripes.txt   PL2008-02-06tmp33
mof-rsdvdscr.txt   PL2008-02-06mpl29
1.txt   PL2008-02-06sub29
2.txt   PL2008-02-06sub29   PL2008-02-06tmp26   PL2008-02-06tmp26
racing_stripes cd1.txt   PL2008-02-06mpl23
racing_stripes cd2.txt   PL2008-02-06mpl23   TR2013-11-25srt21   TR2013-11-25srt7
racing­.stripes­.ws­.dvdrip­.xvid­.ac3­.cd1-miny.sub   TR2013-11-25sub5
racing­.stripes­.ws­.dvdrip­.xvid­.ac3­.cd2-miny.sub   TR2013-11-25sub5

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Racing Stripes

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In the middle of a raging thunderstorm, a traveling circus accidentally leaves behind some very precious cargo--a baby zebra. The gangly little foal is rescued by horse farmer Nolan Walsh, who takes him home to his young daughter Channing. Once a champion thoroughbred trainer, Walsh has given up horse training for a quiet life with Channing on their modest Kentucky farm. The little zebra, or "Stripes," as Channing calls him, is soon introduced to the farm's misfit troupe of barnyard residents, led by a cranky Shetland Pony named Tucker and Franny, a wise old goat who keeps the family in line. The group is joined by Goose, a deranged big-city pelican who's hiding out in the sticks until the heat dies down in Jersey. The un-aptly named bloodhound Lightening keeps a lazy eye on goings-on at the farm - in between naps. The Walsh farm borders the Turfway Racetrack, where highly skilled thoroughbreds compete for horse racing's top honor, the ultra-prestigious Kentucky Crown. From the first ...

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