Batman: Crusader

Batman: Crusader
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Genres: Drama, Crime, Action

Countries: USA

Released: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writer/Director Ryan Konig presents Andrew Vinogradsky as the legendary "Dark Knight" in an original take on the Batman mythology.

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Batman: Crusader

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"Batman: Crusader" is set four years into Batman's career as a crime fighter. He is still very young, vulnerable, and unrefined - not yet the legendary "Dark Knight of Gotham City." This formative Batman story shows the first meeting between Batman and The Riddler, a deranged cyber-terrorist who has every intention of proving that he is better than Batman to himself, Gotham, and the world. In order to get to The Riddler, Batman must deal with Gotham's greatest, most ruthless kingpin: Black Mask. When going up against adversaries such as those guys, it's probably a good bet that Batman will have to crack a few skulls along the way. Above all else, "Batman: Crusader" is a story that analyzes why Batman means so much to people and why he's so important. His humanity is his super power. Happy 75th Batman!

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