You I Love

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You I Love
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Genres: Comedy, Romance

Countries: Russia

Released: Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Official sites: Picture This! Entertainment [United States]

On their first anniversary, Vera comes home to discover her boyfriend Tim in bed with another man.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
You­.I­.Love­.2004­.LiMiTED­.DVDRip­.XviD-iMBT (english).srt   EN2005-07-24srt628
You I Love(2004).srt   EN2009-07-29srt348   EN2005-01-08sub341
You I Love   PB2007-06-30srt428   CS2007-12-13srt200   RU2005-03-01srt194   SK2007-12-13srt120
You_i_love_[cas][   ES2009-03-02srt118
You I Love.txt   PL2009-12-31sub84
You­.I­.Love­.2004­.LiMiTED­.DVDRip­.XviD-iMBT (pt).srt   PT2009-08-11srt83
You, I Love(2004).srt   BG2010-07-31srt74   PL2008-02-07sub62   FR2012-06-23srt53
Ya lyublu tebya (2004).srt   SR2010-11-11srt30
Ya Lyublyu   RO2013-06-08srt14
Ya lyublu   SR2013-12-09srt12
You I Love(2004)   HU2015-02-25srt10
You­.I­.Love­.2004­.LiMiTED­.DVDRip­   TR2015-06-01srt8
You­.I­.Love­.2004­.LiMiTED­.DVDRip­.XviD-iMBT.sub   TR2013-11-25sub5
Ya­.lublu­.tebya­.2004­.DVDRip­.XviD­.MP3­.Ktota.sub   TR2013-11-25sub4
You I love (Ya lyublyu tebya)   ET2015-05-20srt4
Ya.lyublyu-tebya.sub   TR2013-11-23sub3

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Vera and Tim are successful young professionals living fast-paced lives in ultra-modern Moscow. Their lives crackle with the capitalist energy of excess, anxiety, consumption, and stress- and they are in love. Everything changes one night when Tim accidentally drives his car into Uloomji, a young Kalmyk day worker. (The Kalmyks are a semi-nomadic people of Mongolian decent.) The two men begin a torrid affair that involves howling and knocking over a lot of furniture. Tim is attracted to Uloomji's exotic demeanor and liberated by his impulsiveness and lack of inhibition. To Uloomji, Tim embodies a kind of class and refinement he sees only in magazines. Vera struggles to comprehend their bond and her boyfriend's erratic behavior. She is dragged reluctantly into a bizarre love triangle. Before long, all three lives unravel, exemplified by a visit to a Buddhist healer, a three-way in the bathroom of a gay bar, a faked death and a kidnapping.

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