So You Said Yes

So You Said Yes
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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Saturday, February 7, 2015

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The owner of a bridal shop unknowingly falls in love with the son of her main competitor. She must then twart her rival's attempts to destroy their relationship.

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So You Said Yes

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A triangle of sorts is presented. The common side of the triangle is small town lawyer Sam Taylor, who despite being probably one of the most eligible bachelors in town has never yet married as he has yet to find the right woman. On one of his sides is Annabelle Blanche, a woman new to town and a business neighbor. Annabelle put aside a successful big city career in advertising to open a bridal store, So You Said Yes. She sees her store as an alternative rather than competition to the only other bridal shop in town, Ever After, as while Ever After is traditional, catering perhaps more to the vision mothers have for their daughter brides, So You Said Yes is more eclectic in that Annabelle wants brides to feel comfortable in presenting themselves as they truly are at their wedding as opposed to what bridal magazines may show as the standard. Annabelle wants to strike a cordial relationship with the owner of Ever After, she who not only opposes Annabelle's visions of weddings, but truly ...

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