Invisible Sister

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Invisible Sister
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Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, October 9, 2015

Official sites: Official site

Teenager Cleo's school science project goes quite awry, causing her popular older sister Molly to go invisible.

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Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.720p­.HDTV­.AC3­   EN2015-12-03srt9346
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.1080p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­.H264-FGT­ HI  EN2016-01-05srt6298
invisible­.sister­.2015­.hdtv­   EN2016-01-12srt3397
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.1080p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­   EN2016-01-11srt1109
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.WEBRip­ HI  EN2017-01-11srt289
Invisible Sister (2015) 1080p WEBRip x264 AAC   AR2015-10-20srt6402
Sisters­.2015­.720p­.WEBRip­.XviD­   RO2016-01-29srt5537
Sisters­.2015­.720p­.WEBRip­.XviD­   SR2016-02-01srt2311
Sisters­.2015­.720p­.WEBRip­.XviD­   HR2016-03-05srt1973
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.720p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­   RO2016-01-29srt1853
Invisible­.sister­.2015­.(disney­.channel)­.480p­.aac­ HI  NL2016-10-30srt1481
invisible­.sister­.2015­.hdtv­   TR2015-12-17srt999
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.1080p­.DSNY­.WEBRip­.AAC2­.0­   ZT2015-11-06srt996
Sisters­.2015­.1080p­.HC­.WEBRip­.x264­.AAC2­   PL2016-02-28srt818
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.HDTV­.XviD-BDP­   RO2016-01-29srt350
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.HDRip­.x264­   RO2016-01-29srt206
Invisible Sister (2015) 720p WEBRip x264 AAC   SR2017-02-04srt150
Sisters­.2015­.SLOSubs­.DVDRip­   SL2016-04-27srt143
Invisible Sister (2015) 720p WEBRip x264 AAC   FI2016-07-10srt143
Invisible­.Sister­.2015­.720-1080p­.WEBRip­.x264­   RO2016-03-06srt75

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Invisible Sister

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While working on a science project, high school student Cleo accidentally creates a vapor that turns a moth invisible. But that's not the only thing she turns invisible; she finds out she also turned her older sister invisible. With her sister invisible and only hours to find a cure, Cleo must use her friends and her skills to cure her invisible sister.

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