The Hollow

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The Hollow
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Genres: Horror

Countries: USA

Released: Saturday, October 24, 2015

Official sites: List of Films Shooting in Vancouver

Something happens when Sarah, Marley and Emma visit their aunt Cora. A strange creature is killing people one by one. The only way to survive from the creature: to hide until dawn.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded HI  EN2015-10-26srt9328
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The­.Hollow­.2015­.HDRip­.XviD­ HI  AR2015-12-24srt1149   SR2015-11-06srt1022
The­.Hollow­.2015­.HDRip­.XviD­   BG2015-11-09srt798
The­.Hollow­.2015­.720p­.BluRay­.x264-[YTS­.AG].srt   EL2016-09-15srt564
The Hallow The Woods 2015 1080p - 720p BluRay dts x264 VETO by etc{Sync by NOONE}.srt   EL2016-03-03srt522
The­.Hallow­.2015­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264-[YTS­.AG]   BS2016-03-12srt459
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The Hollow 2015 WebDL MP4 AC3 -   ES2016-03-26srt404   HU2016-01-31srt393
The­.Hallow­.2015­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264-[YTS­.AG]­   TR2016-03-05srt376
The­.Hollow­.2015­.720p­.BluRay­.x264-[YTS­.AG].srt   EL2016-09-16srt368
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The­.Hollow­.2015­.720p­.BluRay­.DTS­   RO2016-09-11srt242
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The­.Hallow­.2015­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264-[YTS­.AG].srt   PL2016-03-08srt224
The­.Hallow­.2015­.720p­.BluRay­.x264­.Ganool­   ID2016-09-16srt193
The­.Hollow­.2015­.1080p­.BluRay­.H264­   PL2016-09-15srt190
The­.Hollow­.2015­.720p­.BluRay­.H264­   PL2016-09-15srt86

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It's Halloween eve on Shelter Island, and the small town is preparing for a killer storm. But the dark clouds gathering over the island are bringing with them a curse a hundred years in waiting. As the woods give birth to an ungodly and insatiable creature of fire, bones, and earth, three sisters must scramble to stay alive through the long dark night of the Hollow. For it's not something you can kill. It's only something you can try and survive.

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