Gaga: Five Foot Two

Gaga: Five Foot Two
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Genres: Documentary, Biography, Music

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, September 22, 2017

Official sites: Netflix [United States]

This documentary goes behind the scenes with pop provocateur Lady Gaga as she releases a bold new album and prepares for her Super Bowl halftime show.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.720p­.WEB­ HI  EN2017-09-23srt2250
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.720p­.WEB­   EN2017-09-23srt1779
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.720p­.WEB­   PB2017-09-22srt793
gaga­.five­.foot­.two­.2017­.1080p­.web­   HU2017-09-23srt759
gaga­.five­.foot­.two­.2017­.1080p­.web­   NL2017-09-22srt599   CS2017-09-22srt437
Gaga Five Foot Two 2017 1080p WEB   ES2017-09-22srt392
Gaga Five Foot   PT2017-09-26srt233
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.1080p­.WEB­   PL2017-09-23srt165
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.1080p­.WEB­   IT2017-09-22srt164
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.1080p­.WEB­   HE2017-10-02srt133
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.WEB­.x264-STRiFE­   AR2017-09-25srt97
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.720p­.WEB­   FI2017-09-22srt78
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.720p­.WEBRip­.800MB­   RO2017-10-01srt54
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.NORDiC­.1080p­.WEB-DL­.H­.264-RAPiDCOWS­   DA2017-10-08srt27
Gaga­.Five­.Foot­.Two­.2017­.WEB­   TR2017-09-28srt24   EL2017-10-27srt22
Lady Gaga - Gaga­. Five Foot Two (WEBRip 1080p)   BG2017-09-29srt20
(teks putih) Gaga - Five Foot Two (2017).srt   ID2017-09-28srt17
(teks kuning) Gaga - Five Foot Two (2017).srt   ID2017-09-28srt17   EL2017-10-27srt12

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Gaga: Five Foot Two

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The documentary pulls back the curtain to introduce the woman behind the performer, the costumes, the glitz and the glamour. Off-stage, in the studio, unplugged and at home, audiences get an unguarded glimpse at Gaga through a series of personal highs and lows and the culmination of a year's emotional journey. From struggles with relationships to health issues, from finding solace in her inner circle to conquering her insecurities, Gaga: Five Foot Two navigates the divide between life as a superstar and life as an everyday woman.

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