Mansfield Park

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Mansfield Park
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Genres: Drama

Countries: UK

Released: Sunday, January 27, 2008

Official sites: ITV [UK], PBS [United States]

At age 10, Fanny Price is sent by her destitute mother to live with her aunt and uncle, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram. As a child she was often made to feel that she was the poor relation but by the time she reaches 18, and in the absence of her uncle who leaves on a business trip for an extended ... more

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­   EN2007-05-03srt6414
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE­   EN2007-05-03srt2373
Mansfield Park (2007).srt   EN2010-07-09srt1300
ITV Jane Austin''s Mansfield Park 01 -   EN2008-07-08srt1083
ITV Jane Austin''s Mansfield Park 02 -   EN2008-07-08srt1083
Mansfield Park   PB2007-09-10srt2320
Mansfield Park.CD1[ITV.2007].srt   ES2007-05-22srt1410
Mansfield Park.CD2[ITV.2007].srt   ES2007-05-22srt1410   HU2008-08-07srt1386
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE­   NL2008-04-03srt1287
Mansfield   CS2009-08-06srt1223
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE.txt   PL2008-03-31sub1158
Mansfield.Park. HD 720p .srt   FR2013-06-05srt1147
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE [ www­.torrentat­.org ].srt   RO2007-05-18srt986
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE [ www­.torrentat­.org ].srt   PB2010-01-15srt970   SK2011-01-13srt781   PT2011-02-23srt700
Mansfield Park (2007).srt   EL2013-04-08srt651
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE [ www­.torrentat­.org ].srt   PT2010-09-27srt568
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­   BG2010-09-18srt560
Mansfield Park (2007)   HE2013-02-11srt472   ES2008-10-15srt410
Mansfield Park (2007).srt   SR2010-08-08srt387
Mansfield­.Park­.(2007)­.STV­.DVDRip­   TR2010-12-29srt345
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.STV­.DVDRip­   HU2010-09-11srt269
www­_RegieLive­_ro­_MANSFIELD­_PARK­_1CD­_­_3.sub   RO2010-08-14sub221
Mansfield.Park.2007pl.txt   PL2009-04-03sub205
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE.txt   PL2009-02-03sub201
Mansfield Park   ES2009-04-11srt159
mansfield   ES2010-10-30srt155
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­   RO2014-01-25srt125
mansfield   HE2014-07-20srt107
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park   CS2012-08-27srt83
Mansfield Park (2007)   SR2011-02-10srt83
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park   CS2012-08-27srt83
Mansfield Park, de Jane Austen (R­.U­. 2007 MacDonald) [DVDrip XviD AC3 Dual spa-eng] [   ES2014-12-21srt77   TR2011-01-07srt59
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.DVDRip­.XviD-PRESSURE­   HU2014-08-28srt31
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.1080p­.BluRay­.H264­   HR2017-02-26srt30
Jane­.Austens­.Mansfield­.Park­.German­.2007­.DVDRiP­   DE2016-09-15srt23
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park   RO2016-11-26srt10
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park   RO2016-11-26srt10   RO2017-01-11srt8
Mansfield­.Park­.2007­.hdrip­_[1­.46]­_sub­   RU2016-10-21srt7

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Mansfield Park

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