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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, War, History, Action

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, March 9, 2007

Official sites: Official Site [Finland], Official Facebook, Official Site [Finland]

King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

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Language Czech
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Gerard Butler in 300 (2006)300 (2006)300 (2006)300 (2006)Gerard Butler in 300 (2006)

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Subtitles nameLanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
lrc-300a.srt   CS2007-03-20srt24503 x Download
lrc-300b.srt   CS2007-03-20srt24503 x Download
cd2.srt   CS2007-03-24srt2997 x
cd1.srt   CS2007-03-24srt2997 x
300.2006.DvDrip.Eng-aXXo.srt   CS2007-07-14srt2948 x
nep-300-xvid-cd2.srt   CS2007-05-11srt2670 x
nep-300-xvid-cd1.srt   CS2007-05-11srt2670 x
20th-300-cd2.srt   CS2007-03-23srt2311 x
20th-300-cd1.srt   CS2007-03-23srt2311 x
300[2006]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.srt   CS2007-12-30srt2231 x
300.srt   CS2007-04-05srt2200 x
fl-300-dvdrip-xvid-cd1.srt   CS2007-07-01srt1976 x
fl-300-dvdrip-xvid-cd2.srt   CS2007-07-01srt1976 x
300(61565).srt   CS2007-04-08srt1957 x
300(61564).srt   CS2007-04-08srt1957 x
300.720p.HDDVD.x264-SEPTiC.srt   CS2008-02-14srt1864 x
300[2006]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.srt   CS2007-12-09srt1726 x
300­.2006­.720p­.BDRip­.Multidub­.DTS­.x264-ESiR­.Czech.srt   CS2009-03-31srt1621 x
300(61807).srt   CS2007-05-16srt1572 x
300(61107).srt   CS2007-03-31srt1359 x
nep-300dvdscr1-xvid.srt   CS2007-04-14srt1138 x
nep-300dvdscr2-xvid.srt   CS2007-04-14srt1138 x
300 cd2.srt   CS2007-04-10srt883 x
300 cd1.srt   CS2007-04-10srt883 x
(2006) 300.CD1.CZ.srt   CS2007-08-28srt865 x
(2006) 300.CD2.CZ.srt   CS2007-08-28srt865 x
300(72173).srt   CS2007-09-15srt821 x
300(72172).srt   CS2007-09-21srt699 x
300.srt   CS2007-06-24srt602 x
300.sub   CS2007-04-02sub524 x
300 Bitva u Thermopyl CD2.srt   CS2007-06-01srt490 x
300­.2006­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264-hV­.czech.srt   CS2009-01-01srt466 x
300 Bitva u Thermopyl CD1.srt   CS2007-06-01srt449 x
300(61426).srt   CS2007-04-06srt414 x
300(68311)-1.srt   CS2007-07-29srt342 x
300[1].DVDscr.XviD.smi   CS2007-08-10smi320 x
300[1].DVDscr.XviD.srt   CS2007-08-10srt291 x
300 - 2006_Track14.ass   CS2009-06-27ssa262 x
300.ssa HI  CS2007-07-18ssa250 x
300(64684).srt   CS2007-09-21srt239 x
300(61717).srt   CS2007-07-10srt233 x
300 CD1.srt   CS2007-08-10srt233 x
300 CD1.srt   CS2007-07-15srt231 x
300 Spartans.srt   CS2007-08-18srt220 x
The300Spartans.SCR1.tr.srt   CS2007-08-10srt203 x
30002340.srt   CS2007-07-12srt150 x
300 (2007)­.DVDSCR­.XVID-NEPTUNE (reencoded).srt   CS2007-04-21srt138 x
300 2007 LRC PROPER TS KvCD Jamgood(TUS Release).srt   CS2007-03-17srt66 x
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