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Independence Day
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Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action

Countries: USA

Released: Wednesday, July 3, 1996

Official sites: The War of 1996, Official Facebook

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. Fighting superior technology, mankind's best weapon is the will to survive.

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Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith in Independence Day (1996)Independence Day (1996)Independence Day (1996)Will Smith in Independence Day (1996)Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Ross Bagley in Independence Day (1996)

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{1596}{1718}For those who haven't read the plaque,|we'll read the plaque.
{1720}{1842}"Here men from the planet Earth|first setfoot upon the moon."
{1845}{1895}"July 1969."
{1915}{1995}"We came in peace for all mankind."
{4380}{4466}If this isn't an insaneIy beautiful woman,|I'm hanging up.
{4469}{4534}Sir, I think you should listen to this.
{4730}{4804}- Goddamn it!|- Sir?
{4814}{4889}Come on, baby. Come on!
{4892}{4960}This better not be|another damn Russian spy job!
{4963}{5016}Air traffic say the skies are clear.
{5020}{5114}It's the real thing.|A radio signal from another world.
{5118}{5159}Let's not jump the gun here.
{5162}{5239}Get online with Space Command.|They're gonna want to know...
{5242}{5305}What's with the golf balls?|You're gonna kill me!
{5308}{5353}Wait, this can't be right.
{5356}{5498}The calculated distance|from source is only 375,000km.
{5553}{5608}It's coming from the moon.
{5919}{6020}- Who else knows about this?|- SETl in New Mexico identified a signal.
{6023}{6111}But, they're even more confused|than we are, sir.
{6266}{6309}- Major!|- Yes, sir.
{6312}{6422}Radar reception has been impaired,|but we were able to get these.
{6425}{6527}We estimate that it has|a diameter of over 550 km
{6530}{6612}and a mass roughly|one fourth the size of our moon.
{6615}{6678}What the hell is it? A meteor?
{6681}{6737}- No, sir.|- No, definitely not.
{6740}{6827}- How do you know?|- Well, sir, it's slowing down.
{6837}{6939}- It's what?|- It's slowing down, sir.
{7117}{7186}Get me the Secretary of Defense.
{7198}{7231}Wake up him!
{7328}{7358}- Hello.|- Hi.
{7361}{7417}- It's me.|- Hi.
{7430}{7520}- What time is it there?|- It's 2.45 in the morning.
{7523}{7611}- I know I didn't wake you.|- As a matter of fact, you did.
{7691}{7735}l have a confession to make.
{7738}{7838}I'm sleeping next to|a beautiful, young brunette.
{7831}{7909}You didn't lether stay up watching TV?
{7912}{7989}- Did you?|- Of course not. You're coming home
{7992}{8047}- Right after the luncheon?|- Yes, yes.
{8050}{8120}- Mommy?|- Here's your mother.
{8173}{8260}- Hi, honey!|- I miss you.
{8263}{8364}President Whitmore's approval ratings|have slipped below 40%...
{8367}{8401}He's good.
{8405}{8494}Are the salad days over|for President Whitmore?
{8497}{8614}Leadership as a Gulf War pilot|is different from leadership in politics...
{8617}{8666}Daddy let me watch Letterman.
{8709}{8778}They elected a warrior and got a wimp.
{8786}{8854}- Morning, George.|- Morning, Mr President.
{8857}{8902}That game couldn't have been pretty.
{8905}{8946}Thank you, sir.
{8985}{9049}Connie, you're up awfully early this morning.
{9093}{9185}They're not attacking your pollcies,|they're attacking your age.
{9188}{9303}"Whitmore seems less like the President and|more like the orphaned child Oliver asking:
{9306}{9367}'Please, sir, I'd like some more."'
{9390}{9452}- That's clever.|- I'm not laughing.
{9455}{9565}Age was not an issue when you stuck to your|guns. You were seen as young, idealistic...
{9568}{9637}Now the message has gotten lost.
{9640}{9710}It's too much politics, too much compromise.
{9713}{9813}Isn't it amazing how quickly|everyone can turn against you?
{9905}{10022}It's a fine line between standing|behind a principle and hiding behind one.
{10025}{10152}You can tolerate a little compromise if you're|managing to get something accomplished.
{10183}{10341}the Orange County Dispatch has voted|you one of the ten sexiest men ofthe year.
{10378}{10531}That's accomplishing something!
{10534}{10617}Mr President, it's the Secretary of Defense.
{10766}{10822}Could you say that again?
{11847}{11888}So why are you waiting?
{11891}{11988}My Social Security will expire,|you'll still be sitting there.
{11991}{12060}- I'm thinking.|- Yeah, well, think already!
{12251}{12320}Do you know how long it takes|for those cups to decompose?
{12323}{12384}If you don't move soon,|I'll start to decompose.
{12527}{12622}Listen, David,|I've been meaning to talk with you.

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