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Independence Day
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Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action

Countries: USA

Released: Wednesday, July 3, 1996

Official sites: The War of 1996, Official Facebook

The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. Fighting superior technology, mankind's best weapon is the will to survive.

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Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith in Independence Day (1996)Independence Day (1996)Independence Day (1996)Will Smith in Independence Day (1996)Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Ross Bagley in Independence Day (1996)

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{126}{171}Mr President!
{251}{308}What a pleasure!
{310}{364}As you can imagine, they...
{365}{438}They don't let us out much.
{440}{494}I can understand that.
{572}{654}I guess you'd like to see the big tamale, huh?
{656}{706}Follow me.
{1900}{1956}She's a beaut, ain't she?
{2010}{2129}As you can see from the repairs, we've been|trying to put her back together since the '60s.
{2131}{2215}You've had this for 40 years|and you know nothing about 'em?
{2217}{2301}Oh, hell, no.|We know tons about 'em.
{2324}{2369}But the neatest stuff...
{2371}{2443}The neatest stuff has|only happened in the last few days.
{2445}{2556}We can't duplicate their type of power|so we've never been able to experiment.
{2560}{2708}But since these guys started showing up,|all the little gizmos inside turned on.
{2710}{2773}The last 24 hours have been really exciting!
{2776}{2845}Exciting? People are dying out there.
{2847}{2941}Exciting isn't the word|I'd choose to describe it!
{2952}{3002}You're hoping to fly this thing, huh?
{3004}{3127}You said you can repair their technology.|Can you tell us anything useful about them?
{3128}{3241}Yeah. Well, I mean...|They're not all that dissimilar from us.
{3243}{3325}Breathes oxygen,|comparable tolerances to heat, cold.
{3327}{3406}Probably why they're interested in our planet.
{3538}{3599}You guys wanna see 'em?
{3808}{3846}This is...
{3848}{3897}This is the vault.
{3906}{3983}Or, as some of us have come to call it...
{3985}{4035}..the freak show.
{4576}{4620}When we found 'em,
{4623}{4718}they were wearing|some sort of biomechanical suits.
{4721}{4810}Once we got 'em off,|we learned a great deal about their anatomy.
{4811}{4880}Eyes, ears. No vocal chords.
{4882}{4974}We assume they communicate|with each other by some other means.
{4975}{5078}You're obviously not thinking|about hand signals and body language.
{5080}{5174}It's some kind of extrasensory perception.|Telepathy.
{5269}{5320}It's an organic life form.
{5395}{5488}- Can they be killed?|- Their bodies are just as frail as ours.
{5490}{5550}These two died in the crash.
{5552}{5600}This one a few weeks later.
{5601}{5702}You just have to get through|their technology, which is,
{5703}{5775}I'm sorry to say, far more advanced.
{5832}{5890}you unlocked part of their technology.
{5892}{6003}- You cracked the code.|- No, no. All I did was stumble on their...
{6005}{6083}..signal. I don't know|how helpful I can be.
{6095}{6188}Why don't you show him|what you've discovered so far?
{6190}{6253}Figure out what they haven't thought of yet.
{6268}{6378}We'll see if you're as smart|as we all hope you are.
{6612}{6651}What code?
{7137}{7203}Captain Steven Hiller, US Marine Corps.
{7203}{7276}I'm sorry, Captain. You don't have clearance.
{7305}{7349}OK. Come here.
{7371}{7426}You wanna see my clearance?
{7482}{7570}- Maybe I'll just leave this here with you.|- Let 'em pass.
{7585}{7651}Get the hell out of the way!
{7698}{7730}Did you see that?
{7748}{7807}Come on down.
{7809}{7859}Watch your step.
{7860}{7955}Well, obviously this cockpit|was designed to seat three.
{7958}{8036}Though how they sat on them, I don't know.
{8069}{8128}You see these gizmos flashing?
{8131}{8208}We've been workin' around the clock|trying to get a fix on all this.
{8210}{8272}Some stuff we figured out right away.
{8274}{8384}This we're pretty sure|is the life support for the cabin.
{8387}{8454}And this doohickey is connected to...
{8455}{8604}Oh... Well, it was connected to the engine.|Here, take that, will ya?
{8621}{8688}These configurations...
{8738}{8843}Well, to be honest,|we don't know what the hell this crap is.

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