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Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Countries: USA, Germany

Released: Friday, October 26, 2001

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PROT is a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be from a far away planet. His psychiatrist tries to help him, only to begin to doubt his own explanations.

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{3369}{3458}A dollar for a homeless vet.|Come on, little man.
{3461}{3538}Come on, little man. I fought|the war with your daddy.
{3541}{3605}Y'all ain't paid me for this leg yet.|Thank you, sugar.
{3607}{3650}Jackie Chan!|Jackie Chan!
{3653}{3726}Shanghai Noon.
{3729}{3842}I take traveller's checks.|Arigato to you too. Thank you, sugar.
{3959}{4045}Here you go.|Thanks.
{4615}{4702}You kids!
{4956}{5002}Here.|Hold it right there!
{5004}{5066}- What happened?|- Step away from her.
{5069}{5114}Oh, man, he ain't done nothing.
{5116}{5164}Those kids. Who took your bag?|This man?
{5166}{5240}No, it was a couple of punks.|They came and they just ran off.
{5242}{5288}Four-eight, this is Romano.|Robbery and assault victim...
{5290}{5337}with facial wound|at East 42nd entrance.
{5339}{5390}Sir, I'd like you|to just stand right there.
{5392}{5467}Certainly.|Are you travelling somewhere?
{5470}{5549}I have arrived. My travels are|over for the time being.
{5551}{5613}Where's your luggage?
{5615}{5706}I don't require luggage.|Do you have a ticket?
{5708}{5754}Train ticket?|Ticket stub?
{5756}{5817}I didn't arrive by train.
{5819}{5887}Would you remove your|sunglasses for me, please?
{5890}{6002}Oh, I'd rather not.|I'd forgotten, but I mean, wow,
{6005}{6054}Your planet is really bright.
{6057}{6138}I see.|East 42, we have an E.D.P.
{6140}{6189}I have to ask you|to come with us, sir.
{6191}{6237}Of course.
{6833}{6897}Did you see this fella|come out of a gate?
{6899}{6977}He didn't come from no gate.|Brother came from nowhere.
{6979}{7028}You know what I'm saying?
{7030}{7082}Yeah, Freddy,|I know what you're saying.
{9681}{9778}I don't wanna go outside, because|there's things that can kill you...
{9897}{9942}Thank you.
{9945}{9994}If you breathe|all those chemicals out there,
{9996}{10062}not to mention the cosmic rays|and the West Nile virus,
{10064}{10122}and that other one...|the new airborne pigeon disease
{10124}{10155}nobody wants to talk about.
{10157}{10202}The new pigeon disease.|I've heard of that.
{10204}{10273}Another thing that's been|bothering me is the food.
{10275}{10347}The cafeteria serves lukewarm food,|full of germs.
{10350}{10401}You really need to do something|about that, Dr. Powel I.
{10403}{10449}Heat is the only thing|that kills germs. Heat.
{10451}{10540}Point taken.|We'll look into that right away.
{10542}{10648}In the meantime, I want you|to start taking your medication again.
{10650}{10715}It'll help you sleep.|And you need the sleep, Ernie.
{10717}{10763}Sleep is good.
{10816}{10905}Is our time up?
{10907}{10963}Only for today, Ernie.
{11020}{11080}Two calls: Your wife,|bring home a bottle of wine.
{11082}{11127}Yeah.|And Dr. Chakraborty.
{11130}{11190}A transfer from Bellevue|he wants you to take a look at.
{11192}{11298}Great. Who is it this time?|Jesus Christ or Joan of Arc?
{11301}{11366}Dr. Chakraborty didn't say.
{12002}{12052}He arrived at Bellevue a month ago,
{12054}{12113}suspicion of|hallucinogenic intoxication.
{12115}{12193}But, uh, he was found negative|for substances of any kind.
{12195}{12250}His EKG, his blood value|are all normal.
{12252}{12308}There's no sign of concussion,|no brain tumor,
{12310}{12341}no temporal lobe, epilepsy,
{12343}{12400}no indication of organic|abnormality whatsoever.
{12402}{12460}However, after one month,
{12462}{12530}his amnesia and his delusion|have persisted.
{12558}{12614}He claims to be not human.
{12617}{12675}A visitor from another planet.
{12678}{12744}They administered Thorazine|on this guy for three weeks...
{12746}{12835}at 300 milligrams a day,|and he was unresponsive?
{12838}{12901}How can you be unresponsive|to 300 milligrams of Thorazine?
{12903}{12920}It's impossible.
{12922}{12969}That's why they sent him to you.
{13034}{13114}No I.D., no missing persons|report matching his description.
{13116}{13173}What's this?
{13175}{13243}He had it on him.

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