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Episode name: Costa Rican Rainforest

Season 1, episode 3 of Man vs. Wild

Costa Rican Rainforest
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Genres: Adventure, Reality-TV

Released: Friday, November 17, 2006

Official sites: discovery

Each year, 500,000 Americans visit Costa Rica to explore some of the world's most amazing and environmentally significant wilderness preserves. Last year alone, more than 50 visitors had to be rescued by the Red Cross. Bear sets out on an incredible jungle adventure as he parachutes into the rain ... more

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{56}{99}My name is Bear Grylls.
{102}{170}served in the British Special Forces,
{173}{208}climbed Everest,
{211}{294}and crossed|the icy seas of the Arctic ..
{320}{429}Now, my challenge|is to throw me in the rain forest of Costa Rica.
{474}{535}Hundreds of thousands of tourists|come here every year
{538}{616}to feel the adrenalin|walking through the jungle.
{619}{726}What they do not know|is how fast can be a risk.
{760}{861}I'll show what is needed|to survive here.
{1099}{1153}We are in the rainy season|in Costa Rica.
{1191}{1273}I come from the Pacific coast|to the rainforest.
{1276}{1391}This region, the Osa Peninsula|may seem magnificent
{1394}{1525}but it is easy for tourists|get lost here in 777 km2.
{1528}{1582}of impenetrable jungle.
{1638}{1703}Every year, one million people|visit to Costa Rica
{1706}{1770}to explore how these jungles.
{1798}{1911}Last year, the Red Cross|had to save 94 of these tourists.
{2105}{2170}For many of the creatures|living in the rainforest
{2173}{2250}lost tourists|are simply food.
{2294}{2345}'ll Show|how to survive in the jungle
{2348}{2468}and how to avoid making the|the food chain deadly.
{2471}{2578}I will do so with little more|than the clothes I'm wearing.
{2655}{2722}All I|is a knife and a canteen with water.
{2725}{2796}This is much less|of bringing the common traveler.
{2799}{2869}And I'll skip it|into the jungle.
{2898}{2972}The film crew|follow my steps.
{2975}{3097}And my mission is simple:|Shows how to survive in the jungle
{3100}{3149}and go from there.
{3340}{3410}The trees below me|has more than one million trees
{3413}{3484}and very little space to land.
{3513}{3591}Landing in the topmost branches|was a technique developed
{3594}{3655}Special Forces|to search the jungle.
{3698}{3732}And it is dangerous.
{4300}{4354}But I'll show|as special forces
{4357}{4475}entered into the jungle|when the parachute was arrested.
{4626}{4686}I'm down in this tree|20 meters from the ground.
{4716}{4790}All I have to do|is down by rope.
{4951}{5034}The bad news|is that the rope is only 15 meters.
{5237}{5426}This will be one of my entries|less conventional in the jungle.
{5953}{6071}The rope of the parachute|I would be very helpful here.
{6103}{6187}But deep down|most of those who are lost here
{6190}{6255}are lost with nothing.
{6258}{6330}Therefore,|will be the same for me.
{6333}{6484}Will make the trip|much more difficult.
{6615}{6695}To a trained eye little|the jungle looks all the same
{6698}{6753}and therefore|is very easy to get lost.
{6780}{6864}In spring|the Minister of the Environment
{6867}{6963}stayed here for two days lost|before being saved.
{7149}{7204}After entering|so quickly in this jungle
{7207}{7277}and suddenly|see all so quiet
{7280}{7347}is very strange.
{7350}{7481}And here|looks really cool.
{8007}{8089}The only way out of here|is to find a stream or a river
{8092}{8122}and seguii it.
{8125}{8216}The best way to do|is going down
{8219}{8262}but it is not easy.
{8265}{8382}The forest floor is slippery|full of leaves and mud.
{8385}{8474}We must tread carefully|not to twist the ankle
{8477}{8581}and never grab the branches|there may be a snake.
{8943}{9026}Where am I?
{9196}{9286}Temperature|should already be in the 30 ? C
{9289}{9329}and there is much moisture.
{9332}{9464}Only walked a few meters|but I'm drenched in sweat.
{9606}{9711}Why not see much of the sky|is easy to feel claustrophobic.
{9784}{9827}All around me|is wildlife
{9830}{9897}and so far, is innocent.
{9912}{10024}This forest zone has, in fact,|the highest concentration of jaguars.
{10054}{10164}But I feel that the real danger|ser?o? the little things.
{10167}{10297}The scorpions, mosquitoes|and snakes.
{10428}{10476}Only by walking here|need to be careful
{10479}{10521}and watch where I put my feet.
{10603}{10671}If you step on a log or|to pick up a vine without looking
{10674}{10722}and can be bitten.
{10852}{10880}Can you see?
{10938}{10981}It is a fer-de-lance.

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