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Genres: Sport, Romance, Drama, Action

Countries: India

Released: Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Sultan is a classic underdog tale about a wrestler's journey, looking for a comeback by defeating all odds. Will he emerge victorious?

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Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)Salman Khan in Sultan (2016)

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{902}{1139}Wrestling is not a sport, it is a|battle that lies between them. - SULTAN
{1140}{1303}Today, the competition is riveting in the|expulsion of Indian fighters in this tournament
{1306}{1429}Bray win. Bray won these fights easily.
{1430}{1597}It is said that a quarter of entry|into India. Bet to break the record.
{1615}{1691}How much is spent for|this match. Hard to say.
{1693}{1807}One thing that I say clearly to be|reduced .. There is a small risk.
{1807}{1882}Ghaybh fight today.
{1883}{2120}But it has been proven by Akash Oberoi. Involved|doping affairs, dealt with in this case.
{2120}{2197}What took place in this|meeting? Soon we will be aware.
{2197}{2291}This proves that proved the|game in India is cricket.
{2292}{2455}Fans of India has been struck and it's safe to say that|sports franchises have already seen increased by one.
{2671}{2719}I'm sorry for Losses.
{2747}{2794}And I accept full responsibility.
{2817}{2889}I know, for our franchise.
{2890}{2938}But each of you believe it.
{2959}{3006}I should not quit now|rather than sell it.
{3007}{3130}But they all know, that's sport seats|Manish is the fifth in the world.
{3131}{3175}And I still believe it.
{3178}{3247}So what I say is give me 6 months.
{3247}{3271}And I will make up for all of you.
{3272}{3341}You see. Do not assume|a small problem, Akash.
{3343}{3461}Everyone knows that the sport be|wrong. We think about the situation.
{3461}{3509}No, I do not agree with you.
{3511}{3586}Liabilities two years could|not. What 6 months can be?
{3587}{3631}Maybe you're right.
{3653}{3705}I once lost and I take my money.
{3707}{3773}You know that all the empty stadium.
{3777}{3847}But if you accept it, we|should have been closed today.
{3847}{3919}I'm not going back to my sponsor.
{3922}{3968}And I will not let it happen.
{4041}{4110}I say is give me one last chance.
{4134}{4209}Mr. Patel, believe me.
{4233}{4281}I will not disappoint you.
{4282}{4372}Again, Akash Oberoi already|managed to avoid the press.
{4373}{4447}None reporter get a|response to his question.
{4450}{4542}Residence. The love of|satisfaction or system failure.
{4544}{4618}I know the answer will be 6 months.
{4735}{4782}How much do you have left?
{4853}{4882}6 months.
{4927}{4999}I grieve over the loss.
{5002}{5047}But you are correct.
{5094}{5141}These sports have no hope.
{5142}{5238}But I guess not. This is good.
{5261}{5361}You know that in this sport! How|these professionals in the world.
{5381}{5427}Started many sports.
{5427}{5570}The problem is not that. Well, your|generation is the same problem.
{5571}{5645}Everything that is important|to her. Sit quietly refused.
{5647}{5674}Tell me what you want?
{5691}{5789}I want to say that the future|of the sport in Hindustan.
{5811}{5865}Not in my hand. But you.
{5883}{6030}India is a country which|I value the Indians.
{6055}{6198}When placed in an arena Hindustani,|another team like a mule.
{6200}{6316}That's when it became a full audience.
{6319}{6363}No kidding?
{6364}{6463}And all the Indian athletes|could compete for it?
{6657}{6726}Akash, I see the time bertandingnya.
{6750}{6843}In force .. Mendidikan|knowledge and everything.
{6867}{6939}Get a win, but not satisfied.
{6943}{7033}And lose the habit, but angry.
{7038}{7130}Cyrenaica in his eyes,|and I handed over power.
{7207}{7301}The equivalent power of 10.
{7302}{7369}..And now.
{7371}{7468}All warriors on the|battlefield, welcome Haryana.
{7471}{7565}Enjoy this fight!
{7566}{7731}Dan jiwa Haryana,|Sultan Ali Khan.
{7732}{7779}A total of 50 fresh horse.
{7781}{7850}10 swords and 10 athletes. kekuatnanya.
{7851}{8045}Is the best of all of it. And for her.|We will see the strength of 10 men.
{8047}{8235}The winner today will|get the tractor donation.
{8235}{8454}All the spectators viewed Sultan.|But lives and their lives come.
{8479}{8619}# Land is your blood.|And blood is dirt #
{8665}{8742}# Land is your blood.|And blood is dirt #
{8765}{8907}# God above and the Earth below you. And|everything is before you, craziness #
{8910}{8958}# Sultan #

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