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To Catch a Thief
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Genres: Romance, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Countries: USA

Released: Monday, August 22, 1955

When a reformed jewel thief is suspected of returning to his former occupation, he must ferret out the real thief in order to prove his innocence.

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Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief (1955)Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief (1955)Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief (1955)Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief (1955)Grace Kelly and Jessie Royce Landis in To Catch a Thief (1955)

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{100}{350}Ripped with SubRip 1.17 and Verified by CdinT|
{351}{420}I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{2685}{2827}My jewels! I've been robbed!|Someone stole my jewels!
{2833}{2920}Help! Police!
{3342}{3484}My diamonds! They've gone! Help!
{7768}{7852}Monsieur Robie?
{8152}{8282}Lepic, Mercier. Monsieur Robie,|we represent the "Sùreté".
{8288}{8382}We are making inquiries in reference|to some jewel robberies.
{8388}{8518}We believe you could provide us|with information that would be helpful.
{8524}{8679}Would you be good enough to|accompany us to our office in Nice?
{8843}{8942}May I put on something more formal?
{16757}{16837}- OK.|- You left in a hurry?
{16843}{16893}- They came for me.|- The police?
{16899}{17001}- Five of them.|- Naturally, you are innocent.
{17007}{17081}I haven't stolen jewellery|in 15 years.
{17087}{17145}- Honesty!|- It has a good feeling.
{17151}{17251}What do you think of my kitchen?|Works like a machine.
{17257}{17339}Like our little band|in the Underground during the War.
{17345}{17429}Cutting, slicing, just like the old days.
{17435}{17515}They think I'm responsible|for these robberies, don't they?
{17521}{17653}- They were in prison with you.|- We're the first to be suspected.
{17659}{17741}Since the War,|I have obliged them to be honest.
{17747}{17873}I did not want them to break|their paroles and return to prison.
{17879}{17953}If my parole is broken,|they'll throw away the key.
{17959}{18069}I came to tell them and you that|I had nothing to do with the robberies.
{18075}{18217}Perhaps I believe you, but your|comrades think you let them down.
{18223}{18325}I wouldn't put it past them|to be doing the robberies themselves.
{18331}{18378}Simple men without education?
{18384}{18441}- No, Robie.|- Monsieur Bertani?
{18447}{18587}Excuse me, business calls. Don't go.
{18940}{19063}"Bonjour", Foussard.
{19873}{19941}Coincidence can be terrible.
{19947}{20057}These robberies all bear your mark|but you claim to be innocent.
{20063}{20153}I do more than claim. I insist!
{20194}{20288}I can't understand how this thief|can imitate me so perfectly.
{20294}{20447}It's someone who knew my technique,|maybe somebody in the police.
{20506}{20585}He picks perfect victims|and the right stones.
{20591}{20703}Goes up walls, over roofs, leaves|no clue and disappears in the night.
{20709}{20751}Just like John Robie.
{20757}{20850}- You don't believe me!|- You're as nervous as a cat.
{20856}{20947}If somebody caught this imitator,|we'd all be off the hook.
{20991}{21097}The police are chasing the wrong man.|Someone's got to chase the right one.
{21103}{21197}- One day he'll make a mistake.|- There's only one answer.
{21203}{21277}I've got to catch|this imitator myself.
{21283}{21335}You couldn't do more than the police.
{21341}{21459}But I could, and I'm the only one who|could, because I can anticipate him,
{21465}{21582}figure out his next move and catch|him with his hand in the jewel case.
{21588}{21653}Nobody will believe what you say.
{21659}{21753}Who believes me now?|The biggest problem is time.
{21759}{21837}I've got to hit him|before he hears I'm after him.
{21843}{21937}I need better information, the kind|that takes months to dig out.
{21943}{22018}Like who has jewels to be stolen?
{22024}{22138}Yeah. Where they live, where they|keep the stones, how much they drink.
{22144}{22224}Whether they have dogs,|guns, servants, insurance.
{22230}{22333}For old times' sakes,|perhaps I can help you.
{22339}{22421}- What have you got?|- You made me remember something.
{22427}{22477}Two days ago, a man came here.
{22483}{22529}- I did not like him.|- Why not?
{22535}{22635}He called me to his table,|asked me about crime and criminals.
{22641}{22717}Me, a respectable restaurateur!
{22723}{22823}- Does he know about the robberies?|- He asks me questions.
{22829}{22957}I refuse to answer. Then he asks me|about the jewels my clients wear.
{22963}{23080}I say to myself, "You are something|to do with this new cat."
{23086}{23170}"Maybe you are the new cat."
{23855}{23949}Foussard's daughter will take you|by boat to the beach club in Cannes.
{23955}{24047}Wait for a phone call there.
{24852}{24926}- Mr Cat, let's go.|- Danielle, do me a favour.
{24932}{25018}- Don't call me a cat.|- I only do one favour a day.
{25024}{25192}- Will you do as your father asks?|- Did I brush your fur the wrong way?
{26034}{26108}- You're getting us wet.|- It must be true.
{26114}{26212}- Cats don't like water.|- Don't mention that word again.
{26218}{26336}- A man should never regret his past.|- I only regret one thing.
{26342}{26404}That you never asked me to|marry you?
{26410}{26476}No, that I ever taught you English.

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