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Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Countries: USA, Japan, Canada, China

Released: Friday, June 10, 2016

Official sites: Fan site, WarCraft - Film Fan Page (Hungarian), Official Site For The Alliance

As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must attempt to stop the true evil behind this war.

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AddedSeptember 26th, 2016
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Language Russian
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Warcraft­.2016­.1080p­.HDRip­.KORSUB­.x264­.AAC2­.0-color text.srt   RU2016-08-05srt2527 x
Warcraft 2016 1080p WEB-DL x264 AC3-JYK.srt   RU2016-08-25srt1145 x
Warcraft_(2016)_ru_Russian_BD.srt   RU2016-09-26srt139 x
Warcraft_(2016)_ru_Russian_MBB.srt   RU2016-09-26srt126 x
Warcraft­_(2016)­_ru­_Russian­_MBB­_forced.srt   RU2016-09-26srt100 x
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