Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 4 wins & 3 nominations.

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Genres: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family

Countries: USA

Released: 1991

Official sites: Official site

Dinosaurs follows the life of a family of dinosaurs, living in a modern world. They have TVs, fridges, etc. The only humans around are cavemen, who are viewed as pets and wild animals.

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#1 - Monster Under the Bed 00:30:00 June 1st, 1994
#2 - Earl, Don't Be a Hero 00:30:00 June 8th, 1994
#3 - The Greatest Story Ever Sold 00:30:00 June 22nd, 1994
#4 - Driving Miss Ethyl 00:30:00 June 29th, 1994
#5 - Earl's Big Jackpot 00:30:00 July 6th, 1994
#6 - Terrible Twos 00:30:00 July 13th, 1994
#7 - Changing Nature 00:30:00 July 20th, 1994
#8 - Scent of a Reptile 00:30:00 September 7th, 1994
#9 - Earl and Pearl 00:30:00 September 14th, 1994
#10 - Life in the Faust Lane 00:30:00 September 21st, 1994
#11 - Variations on a Theme Park 00:30:00 September 28th, 1994
#12 - Working Girl 00:30:00 October 5th, 1994
#13 - Into the Woods 00:30:00 October 12th, 1994
#14 - Georgie Must Die 00:30:00 October 19th, 1994
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The Dinosaurs are an animatronics stone-age working-class family created by Jim Henson for Disney. Incredibly overweight, even for a dinosaur, Earl Sinclair is married to Fran and tries/fails to support 14-year-old valley girl Charlene, 16-year-old Robbie (whose crest eventually turns into a mohawk and gets dyed purple), widowed, cranky Grandma Ethel, and terrible-twos Baby, the true master of the house. Sharp social commentary is featured surprisingly often; Earl is a tree-pusher for the Wesayso Development Corp., which regularly implements schemes to screw their workers even more and destroy the world for marginal profit increment. Chilled but live prey are kept in the refrigerator and are helpful when you can't find the milk, and caveman humans make occasional appearances as wild animals and pets.

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