Blackadder Goes Forth

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Blackadder Goes Forth
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Genres: Comedy, War, History

Countries: UK

Released: 1989

Official sites: BBC [UK]

Stuck in the middle of World War I, Captain Edmund Blackadder does his best to escape the banality of the war.

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#1 - Captain Cook 00:30:00 September 28th, 1989
#2 - Corporal Punishment 00:30:00 October 5th, 1989
#3 - Major Star 00:29:00 October 12th, 1989
#4 - Private Plane 00:29:00 October 19th, 1989
#5 - General Hospital 00:28:00 October 26th, 1989
#6 - Goodbyeee 00:30:00 November 2nd, 1989
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It is 1917, and lunatic General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett is leading the British troops at the front lines against the Germans, while everyone waits for Field Marshall Haig's big push. There are various emotions throughout the camp about it. For Captain Kevin Darling, Melchett's bull-dog-like right-hand man, it makes no difference, as it appears he will be safe and sound with the general when the big push occurs. For Lieutenant George Colhurst Saint Barleigh, he is overly excited at thrashing the Germans. For Private S. (probably for Sod-Off) Baldrick, it's a terrifying experience he is not looking forward to. For Captain Edmund Blackadder, however, it's something he's too cowardly too face. Self-centered, arrogant, and sarcastic, Blackadder is always constantly searching for a way out of this silly war, and will try various, often crazy, variations on escape, all of which will take a turn he never expected. Sharing a dugout with George and Baldrick, his main obstacle for ...

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